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Anthony’s Mobile Dry Cleaning has been honored to serve Howard County residents since 1997. The business started when inspiration struck its founder, Anthony Compofelice, at a neighborhood party. Anthony was always involved in the Howard County community through local sports, church events, and neighborhood gatherings. On one such evening, Anthony became inspired by two friends of his. His friends were a working couple struggling to balance work, life, and household chores. Both had full-time jobs during the day, and three kids who needed to eat, had evening activities, and homework. They wanted cleaned and pressed clothes to look more professional at work, but just couldn’t seem to fit a stop at the cleaner’s in.  Anthony knew that his friends couldn’t be the only people struggling with this problem. He purchased a van and started Anthony’s Mobile Dry Cleaning the very next week. Anthony’s Mobile Dry Cleaning combines two of Anthony’s greatest passions, driving and helping people. To this day, Anthony’s friends, and many others in Howard County are still loyal customers. Take one more chore off the list. Anthony’s has been serving Howard County for over 20 years; let us help you too.

The A Team

Howard County Anthony's Team

What makes our dry cleaning special?

Anthony’s hasn’t been around for over 20 years just because he is convenient. Our customers stay happy and loyal because they trust Anthony to provide a superior service than the others in the area. Anthony’s picks up the clothes reliably and takes them back to a secure location. Then the clothes are washed with an organic solvent and a special fiber-gentle soap to keep your clothes clean, strong, and rejuvenated. After washing, Anthony’s conducts a thorough check of each and every clothing item to make sure that a quality clean has been provided. Anthony’s is always willing to give your clothes the extra treatment and attention it needs to make sure you get them back clean. Following the first check, Anthony’s sets about drying the clothes with area specific brushes. Once the clothes have had their fibers strengthened and have been dried, Anthony’s removes any remaining lint and provides the requested restorations and repairs. Finally, we conduct a second thorough check to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality service.

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