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Popular Items 

Sweater: $6.00 And Up

Shirts: (Dry Cleaned) $5.50

Blouse: $5.50

Dress: $11.15 And Up

Suit (2-piece): $11.50

Slacks: $5.50

Uggs: $25.00 And Up

Skirt (Short): $5.50

Shirts & Tops

Blouse: $5.50

Blouse (Silk): $5.50

Dress (Long/Silk): $11.15 And Up

Shirts (Dry Cleaned): $5.50

Suit (2-Piece) $11.50

Ties: $4.50

Vest $5.50

Sweater: $6.00 And Up


Slacks: $5.50

Shorts: $5.50

Skirt (Pleated): $8.50

Skirt (Short): $5.50

Jumpers $15.00

Suedes: Prices will vary.

Leather: Prices will vary.

Expert Shoe repair: Prices will vary


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Twin (Regular/Down): $22.00/$28.00

Double (Regular/Down): $24.00/$28.50

Queen (Regular/Down): $28.00/$33.00

King (Regular/Down): $30.00/$37.50

California King (Regular/Down): $30.00/37.50

Coats & Jackets 

Blazer: $7.50

Coat (3/4 Length): $15.00

Coat (Long): $20.00

Coat (Rain): $15.00

Jacket (Heavy): $15.00

Laundering & Leather

Cotton Dress Shirt: $2.20

Cotton Dress Shirt (In Boxes): $4.00

Table Cloth: $16.00 And Up

Other Laundry: $2.50 Per Pound

All Leather: Prices will vary.

Choose Anthony's for the Best

You deserve the best dry cleaning prices available. At Anthony’s, we work hard around the clock to ensure that you are able to get the best dry clean at an affordable price. Keep in mind that prices are subject to change at any moment. We will do our best to update the information online as soon as possible because we care about keeping you informed. 

Did you notice that there’s something missing from our pricing chart? Pickup and Delivery. That’s because at Anthony’s, we don’t charge for either. That’s right. Remember, Anthony’s always offers free pickup and free delivery. 

Billing Information

You only pay for cleanings, repairs, and alterations. At the end of every month you will receive a detailed invoice containing a list of all the charges accumulated at the end of each pickup. You can pay online, over the phone, or enroll in automatic billing. Even if you enroll in auto-billing, you’ll still receive a detailed receipt that contains all of your charges.

You will never be charged for pickup or delivery—even if the pickup is made via a special request.

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